Sunday, April 15, 2012

Memories of Easters Past

As here in Israel today is a working, normal day, after I took Maya to the kindy (and I regret it now, I should’ve keep her at home with me, maybe I would've felt better), I ate alone my Easter brunch and remembered the ones from my childhood – the only nice memories that I have about holidays.

I recall our Easter breakfasts, our small kitchen and us, the four kids, around it, and the table heavy with food: dyed eggs, ham, spring onions, radishes, Romanian ricotta – "urda", the best ricotta there is, and "kash" – hard, unsalted cheese made from sheep’s milk and the home-made bread with a thick, crunchy crust. And the lunches, even better, sorrel soup with lamb and rice, stuffed lamb with new potatoes and lettuce. Then, the pound cakes, sweet and filled with nuts and sugar...  

After I grew up and left home Easter was never the same and now I’ve lost hope that it would ever be.

My husband, desperate to see me so sad and depressed every major Christian holiday keeps asking me what would really made me happy…And the truth is, I don’t know… I am aware that I cannot move back time and re-live the good times. I am stuck here, in limbo, between the past that haunts me and the present that doesn’t suit me at all.
But, enough of this, today is Easter and I going to wait until Maya gets home from the kindy and then we'll clink and knock Easter eggs until their shells break and we'll say "Christos a Inviat" - "Christ has risen" and I'm sure Maya will want to draw a picture of us...And we'll invent our own traditions, because I want Maya to have happy childhood memories too...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Easter!

As we celebrate the Orthodox Easter, we dyed the eggs today, Maya was so happy! The package that Agy, my guardian angel has sent us didn't arrive yet ("Thank you", Israel Post) but I had some dye from last year so no problems here. 
This year we didn't bake any cake so I bought some Kulich - that's a Russian sweet bread made especially for Easter that got the thumbs up from Maya.
It is dificult to be far away from my family, and I feel this especially at holidays...but I am thankful for what I've got, and that's my children and my husband and the hope that some day...

Happy Easter!