Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy Little Hands...Mostly A Photo Post

We have been very busy lately, Maya and I. Because she was at home sick, but not that sick as to be bedridden I had to come up with lots of activities to keep her busy and entertained. And because the results were very pretty I thought it would be nice to share them with you.
Of course, we always have to start be centering ourselves, doing a short meditation and a few Ohms...

We made pumpkins from playdough, we painted a lot of autumn leaves (as I said before, here in Israel we don't have an authentic, continental fall, so we had to improvise)

We used a lot of toilet rolls, and made a bat mobile and some owls and, I think, cats.
And when we finished we were sooo tired...
Good night!


Counting Coconuts said...

I am SO impressed with how resourceful you were - especially given you have next to zero options when it comes to holiday supplies! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

Alone in Holy Land said...

Well, after looking everywhere for some fall colors or at least some fabric leaves I decided we had to do our own...We had a lot of fun with all the activities.
Thank you for the comment.

priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...


You make such a nice home for your family.