Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank You, in All The Possible Languages

This year, at Easter, I understood I am really blessed...It doesn't matter that I feel desperate down and alone sometimes, I am now sure that extraordinary people exist. And you know what the fantastic thing is? They are not even related to me...and more than that, most of them some of them don't even know me personally.

As you may know if you are a reader of this blog, it has been very difficult to live here, in Israel, especially around major Christian holidays. And if Christmas was somehow adopted, at least, by the Russians living here, at Easter I haven't been able to find chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies. I know I stubornly insist of keeping Christian holidays as well as the Jewish ones, but that's me...donkey headed.

And so, because I kept moaning and groaning and crying all over the internet, some absolutely phenomenal people sent us Easter stuff, an abundance of it...And it is my place here to say in my name and in Maya's too, a HUGE "THANK YOU" from the bottom of our hearts.

So, my dear-dear friend and angel from Romania - Agy; my bloggy friend Ago from Hungary, Iuliana and Raluca, two virtual friends from a Romanian forum. we thank you.

But, the biggest surprise this year came from my mother! It is the first time she sent Maya something....but I won't suspect her for having a hidden agenda or something....I am as grateful as I can be.

I cannot tell you how happy you all made my daughter, and for that, I am for ever grateful.

Thank you!



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MommyLabs said...

What a heartfelt post this is. And yes, I understand your feelings of gratitude to be showered with so much love and kindness.
Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your comment and entering the giveaway. Pls visit again. It's lovely knowing you - from another part of the world. :)