Monday, May 11, 2009


Well, when I first wanted to start a blog, I thought "shanti mama's home" would be a nice name, like a place where I could come to fell calm and relaxed. But things have changed the moment Maya, my daughter, entered my life, and there wasn't any "shanti" in our home.
Time have passed, I've changed and somehow I decided that I still need my blog, trying to recreate the shantiness that I had. So I'll come here to unwind, maybe, to write about my life . The truth is, I am very lonely. Here I am. A 43 years old housewife, former journalist, former teacher, now a big nothing. I feel sometimes that I have no power, that things happen I cannot control anything. So maybe when I'll come here I will be able to feel the power that I have over mylife, at least, even if it means bragging about what an unfortunate person I am, what a cruel fate I do have.
People write blogs to share recipes, life styles, ideas, people write blogs because, like myself, they are lonely, I think, and feel the need to share their lives and thoughts with other. That is what I intend to do, anyway. Because nobody listens to me in the real world. Not my grown up boy, not my baby girl, not my husband. So maybe here I can live the ilussion that somedody listens.
I have to go now. Duty calls. And my daughter is threatening me that "I'll erase it, mama".

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