Sunday, January 2, 2011

For New Beginnings!

Another beginnigImage by aeter via Flickr I have another blog, or better said, my blog has a younger sister. It is called "One Year Without a Dime" and I've just written the first post. Come and visit!
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Sharnanigans said...

Where is the link??? Take me there! Did Maya receive her card?xx

Alone in Holy Land said...

Hi Sharni, sorry about that! I've fixed the link in the original post. There is also a link on the sidebar of the blog.
No, we didn't receive the postcard!
Did you?

Sharnanigans said...

No! I sent it about a week or more before christmas and also arranged HEAPS of others to be sent to you!!! Must be still coming??

You sent one too? Ha! Must be still in the air somewhere! Hopefully it will find Maya soon.