Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Odd Thought...Really...Not Much so Don't Bother Reading

I don't know what is happening with me lately...I really hoped that this year, 2011, will be more...I don't know...or I'll be more...and instead, I became lazy and I am just having this "couldn't be bothered attitude" towards things that I know are important. For me, I mean.
Maya is feeling better but to tell you the truth, I am keeping her with me at home, for now. The flu is having a great time here, in Israel, the hospitals are full, at Maya's kindy almost half of the kids are sick. So I am not taking any chances. But that also means I don't have place in my mind for anything else, not much, anyway. And I always have this feeling I am not doing enough for her, so I tend to transform our living room into some sort of playroom cum kindergarten and I plan for her fun and learning activities. And the time just flies and in the evenings my head is so full it keeps buzzing like I have an angry bee trapped in my skull. And then there are good nights stories and kisses and hugs and I am so tired I just reach for the book (or Kindle) that's on my nightstand. I've been reading a lot these days. Soon I'll post about those books. I am only telling you that I discovered Cornelia Funke and I am amazed. I read "The Thief Lord" and "Inkheart" and I am making my way through "Inkspell". The woman is amazing.

I keep looking at myself in the mirror and I see I am getting old and that frightens me because I didn't do half of the things I wanted to and isn't just the time flying...

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Simcha said...

I hear you..
I just feel so tired all the time that each day seems to pass without my having accomplished anything. It's very frustrating and I really hope I snap out of it soon. Though a lot of it has to do with the fact the my 2 yr old has become very clingy lately and doesn't let me get anything done when he is around. Hopefully he will grow out of this soon

I also really enjoyed the Ink spell books, though the second in the trilogy was my favorite, which is actually pretty unusual. Glad to hear that you are enjoying them as well.