Monday, April 18, 2011

I think every mother tends to define herself through her kids. And because I don't have a lot going on in my life at the moment, I find myself a satellite of my daughter. I like it, as it gives me a direction, even though Maya's need towards independence is growing stronger.

Anyhow, today is not about parenting or sad thoughts about kids growing up. Today is about what was Maya up to lately...

Firstly, because of this alarms stuff she is a bit obsessed with the subject. As I said, she is afraid at night but on top of it, she wants to be prepared. She asked me to write an "announcement" for her father and she kept it tucked into her pj's pants. The texts is in Romanian and it says something like "Tibi, if there is an alarm, take Maya in your arms. Go outside and stay there until the end of the alarm"(more or less).

She is also very artistic lately. Because we keep our arts and crafts supply handy she goes and takes whatever she needs and spends a lot of time gluing, painting, drawing. She also likes plasticine a lot. And of course, almost everything she creates it has to be cats or dogs related. Not to forget her father. She loves him so much it makes me jealous. Today, for example, she was looking at our civil marriage pictures and she started crying because : "Daddy kisses you in this picture and I want him to kiss only me!"

Not fair (sigh) but who says anything about motherhod and fairness?

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