Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cleaning As Therapy

Washing the Day AwayImage by Rebecca L. Daily via Flickr

As you all know too well, I had some trouble coping with my problems lately (and that would be an understatement). Well, what do you want? Maya is still sick, tomorow will be a week since she started feeling unwell, and what I did mostly was to look after her. And all of you know that it is not a lot of fun...Temperature, medication, whinning, crying, I had to use all my tricks to keep her quiet; even with a temperature she sometimes jumps like a bouncy ball.
So, when this afternoon she felt a tad better, I left her in her daddy's capable hands (and in front of the PC) and I cleaned my kitchen. It was filthy, I'm telling you! And I scrubbed and washed and rinsed and polished and bleached and while cleaning away I felt like scrubbing away my worries and troubles, and even though my manicure went to the dogs, I feel lighter, less frustrated. And you should see my kitchen! Is sparkling! And with all the stuff that is going on right now in my life (written and un-written as well) I think I discovered a cheap therapy - cleaning! And I'm sure in no time, while washing my troubles away, I'll have the cleanest house in the Middle East.
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Sharnanigans said...

Hello, I have just read a few of your posts and I feel for you! Some of your posts are quite sad. Cleaning is a brilliant therapy - I agree!!!!
Hope things are looking up for you.
Thanks for following my blog over here in Australia! Hope to read happier posts from you :-)