Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maya in Kindergarten Land

First of all, I have to thank my long lost and found friend Alexandrina for the idea for this post's title. I think I'll make it like a generic title for all my posts related to Maya's adventures in kindergarten.

Today when I went to take Maya from the kindergarten the teacher was all in a dither. Maya "painted" the tables and chairs with ink pens. And also a book...Well, tell me please, who the heck gives to a three years old kid ink pens? I made that mistake once and I spent a whole afternoon in the company of a brush and some bleach, scrubbing the walls. After that "event", I threw the pens in the bin. Now, we have wax crayons or watercolors. So, a teacher with some experience should know better what is appropriate for kids Maya's age.

She also got punished because she threw sand at kids.They threw back at her all right, because at home I had to gave her a bath, wash her hair that was full of sand and desinfect all the cuts and bruises she aquired. At least with the sand it should be OK, one couldn't expect anything in a country were 80% of everything is sand.And at Maya's kindergarten, they take the kids out to play every day and the yard is nothing but a huge sand pit.

I asked her today if she made any friends at the kindergarten and she answered positively. And I meant girl friends. When I asked for their names, she said "Alon and Ehiel"(these are boys' names).Sigh.Go figure...
Anyhow, I'll keep you posted. And thank you all for the thumbs up. It helped enormously!

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Unknown said...

Aventurile Mayei la gradinita abia incep, stai linistita! Vor mai fi, multe si diverse. Tin pumnii cu toate puterile sa fie sanatoasa, iar tu sa incerci sa vezi intotdeauna partea buna a lucrurilor!
Va pup cu drag si mare dor

Unknown said...

About the ink pens: That's totally stupid on the gan's part. I was shocked when we moved here and the kids in gan had pens and markers (some permanent markers, too!) available for them in the supply boxes. Back in Hungary those were only in the teacher's drawer, more often locked than not!

About the boys: With such a beautiful daughter, don't be surprised!

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Although I don't always enjoy cleaning the mess - I still encourage the kids to use their imagination! Seems like she had a lot of fun!

And luckily (for you), she's at such a young age, that although she knows what the term "boyfriend" means, she applies it loosely. I know my son does. He has SEVEN Girlfriends! Thankfully, he's in first grade - and they are the girlfriends he's had since Kindergarten!