Friday, September 3, 2010

The Irony of Life's Everyday Small Events

A mosquito feeding on a marigold flower, India.Image via Wikipedia The latest "developments" in our family life left me drained, weary and tired. This battle against the windmills of beaurocracy and of the system in general are more dificult, I think, than the real ones, because at least in the battlefield you can see your enemy. Here, you have to struggle against an invisible, miriapodic nightmarish "creature" that doesn't have a body but breathes dissaster on the nape of your neck.
Two nights ago when we had a parents' meeting at one of their houses I got bitten by some mosquitos and I discovered that I've become alergic to mosquito bites! I had to go to the ER because one of my leg and arm were so swollen and red and ichy and painful I got scared...Ironic, really. I always dreamed myself exploring India or Africa, roaming free in the wilderness...and now, alergic to mosquitos' bites as I am...I have to keep close to mosquito-free zones. And air-conditioned places and pharmacies where you can find antihistamines and clinics and...the f***ing civilization. Oh, well, another dream bites the dust...if my acupuncturist won't find a way to cure it, the way he cured my asthma and the other allergies I had.
So, reality really bites, doesn't it?

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