Friday, December 17, 2010

Camera,Thank You For the Memories

What a joy that nowadays we have technology and instead of relying solely on our memory we have other means for remembering....The trip to Eilat was great and I thought about sharing, at least the images, if not the feelings that came with them.

After a scary sand storm in the desert and a 5 hours road, we finally reached Eilat...
Our room had a little nook, like a bunk bed, where Maya (and her daddy slept).

Our hotel - The Orchid is built like a small village, with this cute little villas, Thai style.
The hotel is nested under the desert rocks, as seen from the marine Observatory, where we spend a whole morning watching the fish...

Speaking about fish, Maya and daddy took a dip in the kiddies' pool. (photo nr.6)

The Red Sea, at sunset. Isn't it gorgeous (photo nr. 7)

This stone wall was actually opposite our door.
(photo nr. 8, with Maya demonstrating it for you, also photo number 9)

The colors of the Negev desert, on our way back.

Look at the the beautiful sky!

The road, right in the heart of the Negev.

This is near the Dead Sea, I thought it was Loth's wife (you know, the one that was transformed into a rock), but I was mistaken....Sorry....

A glimpse of the Dead Sea.
Then, back home, but I am not going to show you that...because...well, I just won't...
I am sorry, I tried a million times to edit my post and to make the comments match the pictures, but I just couldn't. So I just numbered some of the pictures...Sorry once again, but hit me in the head and call me stupid, I am no computer whizz, so...Just enjoy the pictures, will

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