Monday, December 13, 2010

Sand Storms and Fears And...All's Well When the Sun Shines Again

Gulf of Eilat, israelImage via Wikipedia I think by now everybody knows a bit about the harsh weather conditions that have hit Israel in the last few days. From snow on the Mount Hermon to the terrible storms and heavy rains in the north and center and the horrific sand storm in south and the Negev desert.

Well, we'd seen a god part if it, as we took off for Eilat (Red Sea, the southest point on the map) on Sunday morning, where in Ashdod (where we presently live) near the port, a ship sunk because of the weather.
In was absolutely hellish! First, it was the wind, very strong and then the sand...When we reached Mitzpe Ramon and stopped for a coffee and a pee, it was so cold and windy Maya said: "Look, mom, my teeth chatter!"
I promise to put pictures in the near future, I cannot transfer the pictures to my laptop now, so, be patient!
Anyway, I am don't intend to write in this post about the journey itself, but about myself during it. I was very surprised to register the reactions I had to all of it. Firstly, I was terrified. The gales of wind kept hitting the car from one side, then the other and I was panick stricken. Not even able to utter one word. My stomach was the size of a pea and the throat constricted...Tried very hard to keep a poker face, not to frighten Maya. She took everything naturally...I was pleased and amazed to see her keeping her cool during such an unusual situation for her...
Well, what stopped me to jump out from the car and run back screaming was my husband. He was so calm and composed, his hands gripping the steering wheel, eyes on the road. Unbelievable...while I was muttering prayers under my breath and pretending I was somewhere else.
I don't know where all this fears come from...I was different, so different when I was younger. But I think most of this started when I realized my life is not under my control any more and also after the health problems we had with Maya in the beginning of this year. Those events shattered the rest of self esteem I had left and began to dig at the foundation of my being. I absolutely need to do something about it, otherwise I'll make myself ill.

At the end of our trip, some 30 km before Eilat, the sand storm stopped abruptly, the sky became clear and the sun was back on the sky.

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Sharnanigans said...

Oh Ramona, how scary for you! I am glad all is well, anxiety is a terrible thing, I hope it calms down for you... some surprises coming for the gorgeous Maya soon xx

Alone in Holy Land said...

It was pretty scary,all right...
I cannot wait to see the surprises for Maya. Thanks!