Monday, December 6, 2010

Saint Nicholas and The First Rain Drops of Winter

Today is Saint Nicholas and of course we celebrated it...
Yesterday evening Maya put her old pair of boots (I have to buy her new ones, her feet are enormous!) near the living room window (as we don't have windowsills) and in the morning : Ta-daaa!Presents! She was so pleased! She received some Scoby Doo action figures, a game, lots of books and sweets. We played and watched a Scooby Doo DVD, of course and stayed in our pj's until lunch time.
Dasha was present, too.
This year I received a special present, from the One that loves and protects us: RAIN. Thank you, God.

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Unknown said...

Cool! We had a visit from the Mikulás as well (lovely, more candy halfway through Hanukah)... And I'm very grateful for the rain.