Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

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It is so hot these days my brain has a jellyfish like consistency (and the same number of brain cells, for what matters). It is imposible to go outside during the day, the humidity makes the air hard to breath in and after a few minutes walking in the sun you feel like you're on fire...
So, what are we up to during this hot days? We stay indoors, turn on the air conditioning and read books, make puzzles, draw, play on the computer, watch TV, learn. Me and Maya, of course. If the weather permits we go outside in the evenings, although here, on the coast, in the evening the air is absolutely saturated with water and it makes Maya unconfortable.
For me, the best time is at night, after Maya goes to sleep. Then, I claim ownership of the desktop, do ab it of browsing and emailing and get to write for a while, until my eyes sting and I actually feel, like in slow motion, my head falling towards the table. My body got used to this rhythm and even if I try to go to bed earlier than one o'clock at night, I am not able to fall asleep.
I won't say I am bored, even though, believe me, I is not easy being a staying at home mom...But I am ever so grateful that Maya is healthy now (touch wood) that I am not complaining. I enjoy spending time with her and telling her about this big, big world around us, reading stories and teaching her...She absorbs everything like the driest sponge and I pleased to see her grow physically and intelectually. What more could a mother ask?
So, yes, it is hot and we're bored but we lay in the afternoons on our couch in the living room watching DVDs and eating ice-cream and the air is dry and cool on my baby's skin and I kiss the tip of her nose and wipe ice-cream from her rosy cheeks and I say a prayer of gratitude and ask God to stop that damn flotilla preparing to come from Lebanon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice post. It was hot here in India too for the past few months and the climate is somewhat humid. However, we're waiting for it to rain now:)

Heabe said...

Wow, what a contrast, its currently 6 degrees here in Christchurch, New Zealand, and we had -3 degrees yesterday morning! and my husband still ran to work! Very brave!