Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Book that Will Leave You Breathless

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I am always on the lookout for good books, for books that will amaze me, leave me craving for more. It happened with Harry Potter and the Twilight saga and Lord of The Rings and lately with Ilona Andrews. But today I finished reading "Push" by Sapphire (they made a movie, "Precious") and I was...I don't know...the book left me speechless and nauseous. I mean, it absolutely hits you right in the chest, leaving your breathless...I don't write book reviews but I'll have to say that this book will teach you a lesson or two. And the most important one is, in my opinion, be yourself. Accept yourself the way your are, and only after you did that you'll be able to move forward and heal.
It hurts to read a book like "Push" because it is so brutally honest and so unfair and so painful. But there is also hope, yes, Precious, the 16 year old black girl, with two children ( her father's children, also, can you imagine that?) illiterate, HIV positive, learns to read and write and even if she doesn't know if she'll be alive in ten years she dreams about becoming a writer maybe, and discovers who she really is, seeing herself in the eyes of her son.
If you didn't read the book, I strongly recommend it. It will show you thinks hard to imagine and it will shock you and fill you with rage, but it will show you that kindness and humanity are precious gems hidden underneath filth and their power will always shine through...

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