Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Me? I'll Just Go To Burry My Head in the Sand...

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I didn't plan to write a post today, but I felt this....urge to share my latest here I am. First of all, I have to say a few words about a book I finished. It is called "Things Your Mother Never Told You", and its by Olivia Lichtenstein. And as I am crap at reviewing books I'll just paste here what "Goodreads" says about the book. If I am not mistaken, it is the book's blurb.

"'I hate you. When I'm a mother, I'm never going to be like you...' These words come back to haunt Ros, years later. As her marriage of twenty years collapses and her beloved twin sons prepare to flee the nest, Ros's world is tilting on its axis.It doesn't help that her dead mother seems to have taken up residence in her head, reminding her of things she once said.
As Ros tries to adapt to sharing custody of the family dog and life without her husband and boys in the house, she embarks on a new regime to stay sane: yoga, herbal remedies,internet dating. But as Ros is trying to find herself, the arrival of a memoir her mother wrote begins to reveal a woman she never knew, taking her on a journey into her mother's past that will change forever her idea of who she is. A sharp, funny and touching novel about the secrets mothers and daughters keep from each other. "

I just want to add, the book is fantastic! The heroine is in her forties and it was easy to relate to a lot of her trials and tribulations. I cried a lot while reading and when I finished the book I felt sad, like saying good bye to a good friend. I think this book will go into my "to be re-read" pile. Also, I know the author published another book (before "Things..." ) intitled "Mrs Zhivago of Queen’s Park" and if I'll find it on bookdepository I'm going to buy it, even though I know my husband won't aprove it, as we're were short of money at the moment... Anyhow, after finishing the book, I went to check Olivia L. on the internet and so I came cross her web side and her biography. Oh my God...I was ashamed of lady is something...OK, so in the beginning I said to myself I'll write more about this mother/daughter thing but now I don't want to do it anymore. Go and read Olivia Lichtenstein's book. She did a better job than I'll ever do, anyway... I'll just go to burry my head in the sand.We have plenty of that here...
I just want to add that I hope that between me and my daughter will never be any unspoken words and, no matter what one would say, I hope I'll do a better job raising her than my own mother did with me...

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Tana Saler said...

Dear Ramona,

Even if you tried, you could not be for your daughter what your mother was for you.

You are curious, an avid learner, and you practice self-inquiry. You are devouring books that add to the meaning of your life, and no matter what, you cannot undo what you are learning.

From the little that I saw you, I can tell you are the Mom most daughters would love to have!