Thursday, June 24, 2010


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My body is inscripted with so many words. My past, my present, my future, interwined, written in ethernal ink all over my skin, all over my being. I am so overwhelmed by the importance of the words in my life, I couldn't exist without them. So I feel compelled to reading them, randomly and in the right order, all over again. Like the Fate spinning the thread than sustains the mortals' life, I have to read my words in order to be alive.
Like a monk who prays incessantly I have to read and write my life's story. I verse, in prose, fragments, books, in the Latin alphabet, with Hebrew letters, in Braille, sentences with or without punctuation.
But while I am busy weaving the letters - black ravens picking at my heart- into finely crafted chains of words, why am I suddenly alone? Where did everybody go?

Everyone is born inscripted by God's hand, someone said. And with this thought, the burden is bearable, said the scribe...
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