Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthdays and Memories

P├ętalas minhasImage by Miriam Cardoso de Souza - Caxias do Sul-RS via Flickr

My birthday came and went away, just like that...My husband was very sweet as he took a day off from work to be with me... We had breakfast at a cofee-shop in one of Ashdod's mall's, then he accompanied me to the doctor's. At noon we took Maya home from the kindergarten, she was over the moon when she saw her daddy, during the week it is ussually only the old, boring me. All in all, a nice day.
But today I remembered another birthday of mine. My 18th. The one I will never forget. Because on my 18th birtday I fell in love for the first time. My first love and my first kiss. The memories still send shivers through my body, they are sharper as ever...I remember that kiss as if it was yesterday: my lips touching his, and a feeling of..elation, like my feet left the ground and I was floating, dizzy and happy, on a cloud of pink cotton candy. I still can hear the loud boom-boom of my heart, the fireworks in my stomach, I can still fell the saltiness of my tears mixed with scented breath, the way his palms cupped my face, the autumn wind in my hair, the warmness of his body...It was simply magical, as an 18th birthday kiss can be.
And even though that first love of mine ended in tears and I was left with a broken heart, I am grateful for that unique moments, for the beauty of loving for the first time, for the sweetness of that first kiss, for the feeling of being ALIVE.


Simcha said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you enjoyed your day. I haven't had any memorable birthdays since I was little.

Alone in Holy Land said...

Thank you Simcha!
Well, as I said, my 18th was one that I will never forget!