Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Back!...With Snow White and Some Vampires

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I am not feeling fact, today I felt worse...This bug or whatever it is, it gives me a hell of a time. But I couldn't stay away from my computer anymore. I started having withdrawal symptoms, like "writing" stuff in my head...
I didn't have time to think about me being sick, as Maya didn't go to the kindergarten this week, she was coughing like possesed, we didn't sleep for three nights in the beginning of the week because she kept coughing and waking up and throwing up...But thank God, she is feeling better now, after a lot of medicine and syrups and stuff. She is such a good girl, she took everything I gave her, no matter how bitter and didn't complain, not even once.
So, I had her at home this week and that meant no time to do anything else, just taking care of her. I managed to keep her quiet from time to time, she started enjoying tales, and now I have to read to her, each and every night, the same story - "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Now and then she agrees to the "Little Red Ridding Hood" also.
And me? In between tales and playing the nurse I managed to read a few books. Oh, and I didn't tell you that I won a book at a book give-away. It was here
that there was a contest, and I won! I got the chance to pick a book of my choice and I am now in the possesion of a copy of "The Tel Aviv Dossier", a book written by Nir Yaniv and Levi Tidhar. You can read an excellent review here
Apart from this book, I've read Jeaniene Frost's "Night Huntress" series and I must say I loved the books. And Bones, the vampire, OMG, forget Edward Cullen, he's a pussy in comparison with Bones, he's a real badass and an exquisite lover. If you didn't read the books, go grab them, you won't be dissapointed. There are four of them right now and the authors plan on another series, with characters from the Night Huntress. As I entered a new vampire-oriented phase in my reading, I am reading now Colleen Gleason's "The Gardella Vampire Chronicles". I am not very keen on historical, and in this series the plot takes place in the 19th century London, it is like Buffy the vampire slayer with her stake hidden in her coiffure, but, why not?
It is strange, all this me loving vampire literature...and no, it didn't start with Stephenie Meyers. As I said before, I was born in Transylvania (Romania) and we studied about Vlad Tzepesh in our history classes. Everybody knew he was a ruthless ruler and well known for his cruelty. Strangely enough, he was the good guy for us. The Romanian leaders had had the reputation of corrupt bastards since...since before the Romans conquered Dacia, and Tzepes had a very "personal" way of dealing with corrupt boyars. It is said that during his rule there weren't any locked doors in Walachia, because there weren't any thieves either...There is even a saying, when things go wrong with a politician or another, the Romanian just lifts his gaze to the sky and says:"Oh, where are you, Tzepesh, my Lord..."When later, all this Dracula stuff came out, it was hilarious, but hey, whatever it took to keep Vlad Tzepesh's memory alive...Speaking of which, I liked the way Mrs. Frost introduced the guy in her books, and I think it is the first time when I am not angry of the way a writer uses and links the vampire myth to the Wallachian ruler.
As you can see, I missed writing in my, no matter how I feel, I'll try to come and write some more...And I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Now, off to bed, my back is killing me...
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Unknown said...

I hope you will finally start feeling better soon!

Now. Totally off topic. But. I was always wondering what the authentic view on the Hunyadis (Ioan de Hunedoara and Matthias Corvinus) was in Romania... especially how Romanians in Transylvania view them.

I totally need that info for an urban fantasy story I started to write. So consider this question as my research.