Monday, October 26, 2009

The Power of Mummy's Touch

As you all know by now, my daughter Maya is a very energetic child. I should say, a ball of energy, sometimes. And when she's tired, she's even wilder. I already know her, so I also know what do to, how to help. Because the problems usually appear at bedtime, when she declares, emphatically, crossing her arms on her chest: "I will never ever go to sleep!"

Today, in the evening, as we had a power shortage and my many candles came in handy, we sang and declamed poems and had a lot of fun. Afterwards, when the power came back, we read "Cinderella" - we have a beautiful pop-up book and then put on her favourite music CD - "Mozart for Babies". But she was so agitated, just couldn't settle down. So I started to gently rub her back, then her tummy, her legs, murmuring a silly word - play that she loves. It is something that my grandmother used to do when ever I had a tummy ache: she would rub my tummy and said the magic words that would take the pain away. The words in Romanian are:

"Bongoiese, gozu iese
Din ograda Nicoresei
Dintre toate Shtefanese
Ptiu, ptiu sa treaca."
The English translation would be:
"Bongoiese, the trash is out
From Nicoresei's yard
From all of them Shtefanese
Spit, spit, let it go away!"
A bit of nonsense, but Maya likes the sound of it, and together with the rubbing, it helps her settle down to sleep.
Needless to say, she was "out" in five minutes...
(in the post's picture is Maya when she was aproximately two months old)

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