Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sssshhhh!!! Quiet!!!! Please?

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Our Sukkot holiday was doomed from the beginning. Maya's ilnesses, Darie's broken leg, Dooby's problems. And now, it's me. I have my "monthly indisposition", a "condition" that keeps me in bed for two days at least, with short trips to the ...bathroom, only.
I lay on the bed in the bedroom...Maya is playing at the computer and I listen to the noises that come from the street. We live above a very noisy street, and for three years have been living across a buliding site. When I open the window in the morning I feel the full blast of the noise almost phisically, and my nerves just strech and vibrate, annoyingly. I try to block it out, but there are busses, trucks, horns, a child's shrill cries and a crane, workers shouting.
My dream?
A remote island. Quiet. Only the ocean's waves, the wind rusling the trees' leaves, the sounds of nature surrounding me.
For more than 20 years, since I've left my small and quiet hometown in Romania, I've been living in noisy locations. Cluj was a busy big city and after the December 1989 Revolution it filled up with people coming from the near-by small towns and villages, lured by the glamour of a life in the big city. I lived in a shabby one-room apartment, where on one floor there where 12 apartments and privacy was an unknown notion, I knew when the neighboors took showers, f****ed their wives (or beat them), I knew what food they cooked and I even knew if it was raining outside without looking through the window, because I had a huge hole in my bathroom ceiling (don't ask why, it is a mystery up to this day). I updated then to a two rooms apartment and I thought I'd had my share of peace and quiet (it was a building with expensive flats) until I discovered that the couple that lived above me (doctors, with a small kid) loved very noisy, very late night parties. I learned to sleep with earplugs back then and I used them until Maya was born...
After I came to israel I discovered that I'd be living in a small but noisy country...I am absolutely thirsty for some place quiet. Even something not that remote that my dream island whould do. Any ideas?
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