Friday, October 30, 2009

Conversations with Maya

The ForgiveImage by Pensiero via Flickr

Whenever Maya sits on the toilet, minding her business, she gets all philosophical. Today, for example, she was having a poo - I absolutely need to stay with her during the process - and, abruptly, she said:
"Mum, is it true that girls have smaller wee-wees and boys have bigger ones?"
(Since she started going to the kindergarten, she also started noticing the anatomical differences between boys and girls)
"Yes, baby, they do" I answered.
"Then, when I am going to be a boy, I'll have a bigger wee-wee and I'll pee like a boy, the other way round."
Oh, sweet God! No comments.
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1 comment: said...

LOL it had to happen some day...Poor Mom!