Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maya's Kind a Day

Mud Puddle Jump ZoomImage by PittCaleb via Flickr

I always watch my daughter in wonder as she hops happily through her day...Children are amazing creatures! They live everything intensely, no matter if they're happy or sad. And even when they're unhappy, a hug or a kiss brings back the smile on their faces...
Today, for example...Our route to the kindergarten goes through a very nice park, and every morning I am careful to leave the house a few minutes earlier that we should, because I want us to enjoy our walk in the park. Maya runs after crows, we listen to birds singing, we gather leaves and twigs...Then, at noon, same itinerary, same things. Today it rained and so Maya jumped in all the puddles she could find. I let her, even though she was soaked and muddy, because I didn't want to ruin her pleasure...Sometimes, like this time, I am about to open my mouth to say someting like "Hurry up!" or "Leave it, you'll get dirty", but I stop before saying it. Maya has all the time in the world. And she should use it at her own pace, for her own pleasure. Discovering the world and enjoing the process are the most amazing adventures a kid can have. And if she gets a bit dirty in the process, so what? Why spoil it for her with my grown-up's logic and unhappiness?

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Rhonda said...

Hi, what a great post! So true. Thanks for stopping bye my blog and becoming a follower. ;o)

I think your written english is excellent! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

veganf said...

AH yes, I sometimes long for those days with only 1 child, when they could do exactly as they pleased!