Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh God, Not Again!

Happy Hanukkah!Image by Ben Golub via Flickr

It is the Hanukka holiday, for crying out loud! We were supposed to have fun, to go to the park, to meet with other mommies and kiddies ( this is my first attempt ever to socialize with other Israeli mothers), to make Hanukka and Christmas cards and...we went to the ER instead. My poor baby-girl is sick again. This evening, she had a temperature of 39.6 degrees (Celsius) and after I saw that it didn't subside, after Nurofen and a bath, we took her to the ER. With all this craze about this flu and that, I said it is better to go and have her checked. Well, the doctor said it is a virus and it comes with high fever for aproximately five days, and that there is not a lot to be done, just to watch her temperature and keep her hydrated.
It breaks my heart each and every time Maya is sick and I think I said it before, I feel so helpless I could scream...All this affair with the kindergarten just kills me. Since September, when Maya started it, she's been sick almost continuosly, all types of viruses and stuff. The last one was the hand-foot and mouth one. I really don't understand all this. I've gotten her vaccinated against flu (the regular one) and now this...Another virus, they said. Twenty years ago, when my son was Maya's age he didn't get all this viruses and he went to a day care. He was sick once or twice a year (usually in winter) and that was it. Nowadays, if the kid is sick and you take it to the doctor, all you'll hear is :"Virus". Where the heck did all this viruses come from?
So now I need again a lot of strenght to be there for my baby. Please pray for her!
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4 comments: said...

I am praying for her, but it is so common for kids when they first go to school to catch every virus taht comes along.her immune system hasn't been attacked as much when she were at home, and now around other kids they are exposed to every virus they are exposed to.
You need to work on streghtening her immune system, you might ask her doctor how to do that, Vitamin C is a really good booster. reducing her dairy intake, increasing her iron rich foods that sort of thing might help.

Unknown said...

relax, it's typical for kids when they go to the kindergarden; we've all been throught that - it's the only way to turn them into healthy adolescents... a little pacience, and it will all go away! Good luck!

Marilyn said...

You are doing everything you can, and yes, often remember the several trips to the doctor myself, but fevers were never any fun. Isn't it amazing how vulernable we become when we pour our love into another person? We become both weak and strong because of it. What a lucky little girl to have a mother like you. :)

Alone in Holy Land said...

Thak you for your kind words, all of you, thank you...