Monday, May 24, 2010

Learn Your Lessons

I know that I sound now like my friend Kathy (please visit her blog and you'll see what I am talking about) but the title seemed appropriate for what happened to me today. I'll tell you in a sec all about it if you promise not to laugh (too hard).
O.K., here is comes...Today I had the most fantastic epiphany ever while...baking muffins. Yep. First of all, I never ever have baked anything in my entire life (apart from jacket potatoes). I don't know, I think I was afraid of failure...I am a self-taught cook and I am not the best one. At home, when I was a kid my mother used me to babysit my brothers and sister and didn't let me in the kitchen. I picked stuff here and there, from my grandmother and great aunt but, believe me...I suck at cooking. And, baking for me was like the Mount Everest for alpinists. But lately Maya kept asking me to bake "cookies" with her, and what kind of mother am I if I am not able to do something that basic? So, as we had a pretty easy muffins recipe in one of Maya's crafts' book I said to myself "Why not? What is the worst that could happen? Burn the stuff to a crisp?" And you know what? I DID IT! I baked the flaming muffins! And they came out just fine, actually, they are tasty! And it was so much fun, as Maya did all the stirring and pouring and measuring and of course, everything was done under the attentive supervision of Dasha the cat.

So, today's baking taught me something precious: never to be afraid to try something new. Even if it seems scary. Even if you think you're too old for it...Because, if you put your mind to it...the sky is the limit...Speaking of time when I'll be in the mood for something new, maybe I'll go for bunjee-jumping!

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Miri said...

Our children are indeed our best teaches. All we need to do is not to refuse their lessons...