Monday, May 31, 2010

Here, Today - Poem, Sort Of

I'll just sit here for a while
At my desk, putting some order into my thoughts
or letting them out,
breaking dams, trashing barriers
Too much is going on in my head
and outside
in the real world
and I got everything mixed up
I would like to gather myself
into a foetus like position
and lay for a while on the ground
seeking answers
for the questions I was too afraid to ask.
only a short break from this hurricane of feelings and things that have to be done

I am a broken puppet
look, my limbs got all tangled up
breathing is pain
everything in pain
and tears
Could somebody please fix me up,
make my right
set me free?
Oh, I see,
there is nobody for the job
I have to do it myself
for the sake of my children, you understand
So I'll go now
I have to make some calls
I've got my conscience on the line
Excuse me and thank you for listening.

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