Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Title

Shame on me! I didn't post in a while...but I had some good reasons...well, not exactly, maybe only some feeble excuses, like : now that Maya is at home (she's out of the kindy) my days are full. I am kind of homeschooling her, so I am forever looking for interesting Montessori type activities. There are some very good blogs out there, so I have a lot to sieve. And then I am seriously writing. Fiction. My NOVEL. It is a bit of a struggle, as English is not my first language, but I am not going to give up. So at night, after Maya is asleep, you can find me at my desk, writing until my vision blurrs. It is the only time I can write without being disturbed - if I don't count the cat nibbling at my pen or sitting on my keyboard...Speaking about the cat...she is settling well, she's sweet and very curious and very good with Maya. She likes to play a lot and she already conquered our hearts.
So, please understand me. I am thinking a lot about this blog as I love it dearly and I made a lot of great friends through it. I am not going to abandon it, no way! I promise to post as often as I did before, at least I'll try to...
I love you all, my readers, my friends. Each and every one of you is so important to me...
(The picture that appears in this post was taken by my daughter Maya)

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