Friday, January 22, 2010

A Question of Perspective

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Here, in Israel, I don't really like the city I live in - Ashdod. Although a big and modern city, it lacks the Middle Eastern personality Tel Aviv has, for example...But because here housing is cheaper, we're stuck in it. For now, at least..
I used to complain, a lot, about the city...About the neighbourhood, people, you name it...But, know in the light of the recent events, I think it is only a question of perspective. When we were in the hospital with Maya we had to share a toilet with...I don't exactly know how many, but a lot of people, the shower room didn't have a lock so I had to shower in my underwear. In Israel, the southern you go, the poorer the people ,with a lot of unemployment, no higher education, a lot of shouting. I had to witness hysterical parents that almost lynched the nurses and doctors in the hospital (I agreed with the parents, but still, I wouldn't shout "I am going to kill somebody" even though I wanted to)...We shared a room with 5 sick kids and their parents, the door wouldn't close and so on...So, when we returned home, it was...bliss. My own toilet! Actually, we have two! I took a hot bubble bath and I slept in out bed, with clean, nice smelling sheets.
I am not complaining anymore...I am thankful for what I have... But that doesn't mean I won't move into another town in a couple of years. For now, I'm cool...
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Unknown said...

I was not really on the blog world the last few days. I just got myself updated. I hope and pray that everything with Maya will turn out well.

Perspective... it is a wonderful thing when we can have it.

Alone in Holy Land said...

Welcome back, Hevel!
I missed your warmness that could be felt even through the blogosphere...I missed your presence on my blog and i happy you're back.
Hope everything is OK with you and the boys.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this perspective. I have seen a continued deterioration in the hospitals in the US that has been disturbing.
I've spent a lot of time in hospitals with my own health issues and then with my youngest and her health issues, and a lot of that time has been spent in the emergency room.
In recent years I have been left along with many others in the emergency room lining the hallways on stretchers after being admitted because there were no available rooms.
After one of my daughter's surgeries she almost didn't get a room and was going to have to stay in recovery, even though the surgery had been scheduled months in advance.
Healing occurs beyond just procedure, it is in the energy of the environment you are healing in as well.
Thank goodness you are home where you can better control the environment and provide that healing energy for your child - and you. I hope you are taking care of yourself as well.

Be well,


Simcha said...

I've never been to Ashdod, but in general, I'm not fond of big cities. I love the yishuv where I live, which- while isn't perfect, still feels like the right place for me. I hope that you will eventually find the right place for you (which in Israel, can be particularly challenging)
How's Maya doing?

Tony Anders said...

I am passing onto you a tag/award/nod. It is the “Honest Scrap” tag. Please go to my site to grab it and get the requirements. If you have it already, please accept my apologies. Should you choose to sit this one out, or do not wish to get it – no harm no foul. They can be work, but know that I enjoy passing it on to you! Keep up the good work! Tony