Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Squeaky Clean Soul

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Yesterday evening, despite being cold and sick I braced myself for a hot shower. I would've prefered a hot bath, but as water is scarce here in Israel, shower is fine by me.

What can I say? It felt sooo good! I felt cleansed, immaculate as I rubbed myself clean. You know, that sensation that your skin and your hair are so clean they squeak? I am big in personal hygyiene because starting my early twenties and on for a decade I suffered from bad skin allergies...

But what about some inner shower? Some method that can help you purge your soul, your inner core? I really wish I'd be able to do that. To wash away all the negative thoughts, bitter memories, anger, dissapointment...and to emerge from this pure and clean, fresh and light, like when you lift a huge weigh from your soul.
I would like a clean, squeaky cleam soul, young and free, untarnished, without any negative residue, to allow me to dream again and to fly in my dreams and to imagine and live high on my imaginary world. Almost like to be born again...
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Clare and Gary said...

I'm sure there are lots of us that would echo this sentiment x