Sunday, February 7, 2010

Caught in the Middle

Caught in the MiddleImage by Ruud Raats via Flickr

Caught in the middle
torn between the what if and the
this is it
of a bleak, anonymous existence
dreams of a glamorous life
wilted flowers in the desert
what I am doing here?
the telephone rings
don't answer it
it's the fate
telling about an unborn future that is already dead
I feel my failure deep in the bones
whenever I start writing
something bad happens
come on tears
flood me and short circuit my brain
filled with senseless fantasies.
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5 comments: said...

Hugs hun!

Maa said...

Hope you're ok and coping with whatever life throws at you.
Must be something in the air, I feel flat today too. So we send each other good vibes. Hugs!


Sharnanigans said...

You have the power within you to turn it around Ramona. Hope to hear positive vibes soon xxx

Alone in Holy Land said...

I really like this poem of mine. It expresses exactly what I felt the moment I wrote was something absolutely spontaneous, and I wrote it on the back on some of Maya's drawings...

INDBrent said...

Nice work. The phone really works with the sense of dread. Strong stuff. I love that picture too, so haunting!