Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Just Don't Know How To Relax! Any Ideas?

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After the scarry event of this afternoon (see previous post) I've decide I simply forgot HOW TO RELAX. It all happened after Maya was born, when the baby blues caught me and then it blew me off my feet transformed in a post-natal depression. I received medication for the depression at it didn't help, only made my insomnia worse. I stopped taking the pills and the whole process was a nightmare...even though I did it according to the doctor's "orders", it was very difficult. Anyway, what I want to say that being lost in all these battles (not to forget Maya's health problems) I forgot the most important aspect of all this: ME. I forgot to be me, I forgot to turn my inner eyes towards myself to do some inner-gazing, some soul searching...I forgot to relax, I forgot to breathe, just to be, to stop once in a while to enjoy the show. And what show it is!
So, I am going to set me some goals, some challenges. I know myself, it won't work otherwise. My goal are: To meditate each day for at least 15 minutes (in the beginning) and to return to my yoga mat. As a bonus, I may do some mummy-daughter yoga, as I have the "Yoga for Kids" DVD. Nothing more, nothing less. For now. Oh, as to learn how to bake cookies. This is something I never did, I have no idea why. I know how to cook or bake, but I never ever have baked cookies, I've no idea why.
If you have any other ideas, or you want to share what works for you when you relax, please share!

"All is well in my heart and home" says Louise Hay, and so do I.

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Pamela Bousquet said...

Hello friend! I totally understand how you're feeling...just remember it doesn't have to take a lot of money or "stuff" to make some much-needed down-time for your SELF. (Remember, it's tough to be a good mommy, wife, etc., if YOU'RE not feeling well!)

Start with something simple, like 5 minutes alone if you can! I wrote on relaxation :

Take care of yourself! - Pamela

Katherine Jenkins said...

Set aside regular time that is only yours. Don't do anything in that time..don't make a plan. Let yourself be. Sit quietly, close your eyes, feel your breath. Whenever you can try to feel your own body sensations, feel your feet in your shoes when you walk. Feel your hands or fingers on the keyboard when you type. If you can bring yourself back to your body again and again, you will get out of your head. This will calm both your body and your mind. I like baths, candles, meditation and yoga. Regular practice of these is important! Good LUCK!