Monday, April 19, 2010

The Joy of Discovering New Authors

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I love books, I really do. My house is full of them, to my husband's chagrin as I try to snatch here and there a few moments of reading between house, Maya and other stuff. I even read on the toilet, forget my saying...I am beyond being a bookworm, I am more of a book zombie, because as they crave for flesh I crave the next book like my life depends on it.
I go through a lot of books monthly and I am always thrilled when I discover new authors. This past couple of weeks I discovered two new (for me) authors that write vampire novels. I am a huge fan of the urban fantasy genre and I've liked vamp fiction way before the Twilight craze. I was born in Transilvania, remember? We studied Vlad Tzepesh in school, for crying out loud...About the authors: one of them is known to have written YA thrillers waaaaaaay before you know who - I'm talking about Christopher Pike and his The Last Vampire Series (well, he wrote a whole lot of books, but I've started with the aforementioned series) and Alex Duval with Vampire Beach (I read only the first four novels, there are six in total). I absolutely loved the books! I am no biggie in book reviews, I am the one reading them, I don't like writing about them but I would recommend them for the vampire fiction fans out there. The authors' styles are different, the novels' universes are totally different but the public is the same, as they are aimed at the young adult audience.
I enjoyed them and now I am looking for the next author. Any suggestions?

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Unknown said...

Sheralin Pratt (spelling?) her first novel was just published.

Anonymous said...

I read the Ann Rice vampire novels, and loved them. I have heard the Sookie Stackhouse books (there are eight I think) by Charlaine Harris are good. I haven't read the books but I watch the HBO television series True Blood which is based on the books, and I enjoy the series.
I've been more into nonfiction of late, and now that I am writing another book, I am busy doing research for that.
But I do enjoy fantasy, some horror, and some scifi genres from time to time.

Alone in Holy Land said...

Hevel this is indeed a new author for me. Need to check her out.
Aine, I've read the Sookie Stakehouse novels ( there are 9 of them now) and also watched the series. Enjoyed both a lot!
I am glad you are working on your second book, good luck with that!Oh, Anne Rice, I grew up with her novels!!!