Monday, April 12, 2010

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I always cry when I hear the siren on Holocaust Remembrance Day, here in Israel. It makes me sad and it makes me mad, and I ask myself this question over and over again: "How was it possible?" How could the world sit back and do nothing while Jews, together with Gypsies and only God knows who else, where killed, murdered in cold blood...It is almost like a scenario from a horror movie, and still, it is real...I know, people are lazy, they don't really care about what happens outside their fences, but just cannot close your eyes and stuff your ears...can you?
This days fills me with such a feeling of hopelesness, for us, humas...I mean, look around you: wars, terrorism, crimes, rape, you name it, we do it...I think we were gave such a wonderful oportunity, we are "intelligent" creatures, right...are look what we did with it. We kill each other, we destroy everything around us, everything...we domesticated animals only to torture and eat them, we built impressive industries only to pollute everything they touch, we know so much about our planet, only to systematically destroy it.
Maybe in the end we'll all be sorry and pay for it. My only fear is that it will be too late...

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