Friday, April 9, 2010

My Kind of Day

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Finally, today one of my dreams came true! I was able to spend a few hours by myself, no daughter, no housework...My husband agreed to babysit and I took the bus to spend my Friday morning in Tel Aviv, book-hunting, my favourite past-time!
In my life before Maya I used to travel to Tel-Aviv all the time, it is a mere half an hour drive from Ashdod. I love the city, its character and uniqueness. It is a blend of Occident and Orient, with a dash of Israeliness and I spent a lot of time wandering on its streeets, parks and museums.
Today was a splendid day, April is a good month weather-wise in Israel, not too hot, with a mild sun and a bit of a wind, and the air has not the high humidity of summer. After I just walked for a while, to take in the city life, I went to Halpern's book store, one of the best store for second hand books in English. I remember when I entered the place the first time:I thought I died and went directly to Paradise. Because for me, that's the way Heaven looks like: a small place where your cram as many books as possible, from the floor to the ceiling. And the smell, oh , the smell of books, old and new, rises the level of the endomorphines in my blood instantly.
After that, I met a friend and we drank coffee in one of the coffee shops in TEl Aviv - and there are a lot of them, big and small, old and new, full of people, each of them. A nice Friday in April is good for the coffee business in Tel Aviv. And you just sit and drink and talk and watch the show of life unfolding in front of your eyes...
But the best part...Being with myself, my iPod, my music, my thoughts, just thinking about everything and nothing, not having to check on Maya every five minutes...I was me, the old me, familiar and strange, not the mother or the wife, but Ramona the dreamer, the story weaver, the traveler.
And even husband told me that I should this once a month if I would feel like it...Wicked! And you know what? Everything was fine when I returned home. No catastrophies, no calamities...Maya and my husband spent the morning in the park, did some shopping and I found them at home, playing on the computer.
Believe me, this few hours did me a lot of good! I feel better and I have a sense of achievement...I was able to reconect to my old self and it was good to see it is still there, still part of me. I will definitely try to do it again...

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Quixotic said...

Sounds like a perfect day, I love the way you describe your trip to Tel Aviv - I feel like I went with you.
Oh, P.S. I never refer to my husband looking after his own child as "babysitting", it gives them the impression they are doing something outside their job description: he's "parenting"!!! Good on your hubby for suggesting it becomes a regular event :)

veganf said...

So glad you got some time to yourself. Sounds wonderful!