Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I Miss Most

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Together with old age comes forgetfulness, people say. But I find myself invaded with memories - from my childhood and adolescence. I think we are more attentive to our surroundings when we are younger, we relate differently to places and people. I am glad I have so many precious memories and I'll do my best to imortalize them somehow. For now, I am writing "list poems" with all the things I had in life but I lost. It can be painful to remeber, but it is a meagre price to pay if you don't want to forget...

Things I miss most - I

I miss the passage between seasons,
spring creeping under winter's snow
snowdrops and crocuses
lily of the valley and frangrant lilac
the warm air
mellowing forward summer
walking into the woods
earthen, divine smells
moss and fresh leaves
a million insects buzzing
drunk on the perfumed grass
the icy water of the brook bubling
the changing colors of autumn
orange and red and soft brown
fading into the grey sky of winter
fat clouds full of snowflakes
falling on faces
frozen tears melting

But most of all
I miss the feeling of home
of familiar things
of known places

the peal of church bells
rippling the air
Easter and Christmas
full of laughter
families around dinner tables
ladden with food and crokery
that was handed down from mother to daughter

so many memories kept in tight sealed boxes
invading and painful
beloved things I miss most.

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shannon i olson said...

What a beautiful way to write your memories. I still live where I have all those seasons, sometimes I forget to rejoice in them all. Right now it is a partly cloudy day with peeks of sun, I can hear the birds, I love the songs of robins and doves. The lilacs have small leaves and many little leaves are beginning to poke through the ground in the flower beds. Perhaps tomorrow I will bar-b-q, another wonderful smell and memory. Blessings my dear.

Alone in Holy Land said...

Unfortunately, many times we learn to cherish things we had in life only after we lost them.... Since I've been living here, I learned this unforgertful truth...