Thursday, August 6, 2009

About Guardian Angels

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As you all know, my sister is visiting us...I haven't seen her for two years (when I saw her for something like four hours) and we haven't talked face to face since...I don't remember. So know as we are finally together we stay every night until late and we talk about what happened in our lives all this years, and we remember our childhood and laugh at memories until we cry.

During this late night discussions I observed that a pattern emerged: whenever I had some problem in my life somebody showed up and helped me in some way. I am not talking here about major problems and life saving interventions or miracles. I am talking about the daily problems that we have in our lives. And I'll give you an example: some time ago, back in Romania, my son and I were returning home from a few weeks holiday at the seaside. We traveled by train, as from our home town - Cluj, until the seaside is a long way. We reaced Cluj at 5 o'clock in the morning and we had to take a cab as we lived far away from the train station and we were laden with luggade (Darie, my son, was 8 years old back then) but I didn't have enough money for the trip. So, when a cab stopped to take us I told him that I had only a certain amount of money and I gave him our adress but I told him to stop when we reached the amount of money that I had, and that we'd walked from there. I remember that the cab driver looked at me and said:"No problems, lady, I'll take you and your kid home and you'll pay me whatever you have".

This kind of events I am talking about...

I always say that I had a lot of guardian angels looking after me. I remember a lot of events that at first sight , seem unimportant, but they are of great importance in the bigger picture.

When we were kids we had, on the wall in our room (I slept with my brothers and sister in the same room until I got married) a picture with a guardian angel that was protecting two children as they were crossing over a bridge, and underneath it, a tempestuous river... I used to say a prayer before going to sleep that was adressed directly to the angel, and it sounded something like this (I am translating it from Romanian):

"My angel, my little angel

That God gave to me

Be always at my side and teach me how to do good

I am small, make me tall

I am weak, make me strong

Be always by my side and protect me from evil."

Sometimes we just don't pay attention to the little things that make out our lives and we take a lot for granted. Recently I discovered that I have a lot to be grateful for and I promise not to forget my guardian angels and at least to remember them in my prayers.

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BassGuitarGirl said...

This is a great post Ramona, thank you for sharing it with us. I always thought guardian angels were a sort of nice thing to imagine guarding you until I met my friend Gertrud. She is really able to connect with them and you can feel the connection she has when you are with her. Thanks again and I know your angel will continue to protect you in times of need.