Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hand in Hand with My (Slightly Smelly) Love

This afternoon I didn't feel well, it happens to me from time to time, what can I do, I don't handle stress very well. I had to lay down, and I asked Maya to come by my side on the bedroom's bed. I don't trust her alone in the apartment, with her being very curious and adventurous and with the apartment having too many interesting nooks and corners to be explored.

So there we were, lying side by side on the bed. I switched on the TV, it was one of her favourite shows on - "The Backyardigans". I asked her to be quiet for a while and I took her hand in mine. I wanted to feel if she'd try to sneak away. Her soft, warm hand smelled slightly of onions and washing liquid - we cooked together lunch, mushrooms' stroganoff, and cleaned afterwards.

I couldn't ask for more: her smelly hand, her curly hair tickling my cheeks, her sweet breath, pure and absolute bliss. Of course, it lasted for about five minutes, as she couldn't keep still for longer. Still, it was enough for me, and I didn't ask for more. Well, maybe just a quick kiss on her round heel - that was all I was able to catch as she wriggled away from me...

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