Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Peace, Quiet and Random Thoughts with a Cup of Tea

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At home. Alone. Finally. I don't feel very well so I send them away: my husband and Maya to the park, my sister and nephew, to the seaside. A little bit of peace. At last...
The last few days were frantic, we were in and out all the time, so I'm lucky I'm sick because this way I can sit for a while with a cup of herbal tea, and think of...nothing...Total bliss!
I thought about writing something in my blog, I have a few subjects that give me grief, but I think I'll refuse to be overwelmed by negative thoughts and I'm not going to dwell on the bad things that happened the last week. Instead, I am going to focus on the good things...Hmmm...And the good things that happened to me lately are...I don't believe it! I am not able to remember one good thing that happened. I have to try harder...So, my sister came...Maya was sick but she got better...I cut my hair...actually, that's not a good thing, as I look like hell, well, I look like hell anyway, so...I saw Jerusalem...and I finished reading "The Twilight Watch" by Sergei Lukyanenko and I'm reading "The Last Watch" now. And I have good books waiting for me on the shelf...Pathetic. Even when I really want to find good things that happened in my life, all I am able to come is a list of pathetic little things, nothing spectacular, no miracles, no Nobel Prizes, just me and my unimportant little life in this unimportant city.
Anyway, I have an excuse. I have guests and I am sick. Things will definitely get better when I'll feel better. So, can I just sit here and moan for a while? Tell you about my trip to the mall with my sister, a few days ago? It was nice, actually, being with her, we spent a couple of hours wandering and talking, we even had a cofee and, of course, I bought some books. I don't like malls. I don't like shopping very much and the only things that I enjoy buying are books. Other things I buy out of necessity. So I try to keep out of malls and shopping centers as much as I can. I hate seeing people buying, buying , running from one shop to the other, shouting, trying on clothes, make up, dragging crying toddlers and pushing prams with squirming babies. I hate the noise of the malls, the greedy people, the smell of burned plastic...I like the smell of the shouk better, even though even there the main means of advertising your merchandise is shouting as loud as you can...
I enjoy better a walk in nature, the sound of silence in the woods, playing with Maya, listening to music. All this hassle and consumerism tires me, we buy what we don't need just to be the same like our neighbours and if you say you want to be frugal, people laugh at you, saying you don't have joie de vivre and what's life for, if not for buying stuff and then throwing it away?
I hate when I get in some shop or another and I am assaulted litteraly by somebody that tries to convince me to buy some product or another and almost kicks my backside when I sternly refuse to be convinced...On the other hand, each time I go to the "New Pharm" pharmacy I have to wait in a queque like I did in communist Romania, because always, believe me, always they have only one pharmacist on duty. The others are usually in the office, laughing and talking...But if, by mistake, you want to reach the pharmacy via the cosmetics section, you are going to be assaulted by two or three beautiful sales girls that will try to sell you perfumes and moisturisers, girls that otherwise stand by the strategically placed mirrors and admire themselves in them...If you don't believe me, when you're in Ashdod, just go to "New Pharm" that is situated in the mall called "Lev Ashdod" ("Ashdod's Heart" or something similar) and pretend you want to buy some paracetamol. And then some "Dolce & Gabanna". And see for yourselves what'll happen.

I have to go now...Maya and Tibi returned from the park and I have to shower my baby and give her dinner.

See you soon, whoever you are...

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