Monday, August 3, 2009

Tel Aviv!

I love Tel Aviv -a city that suits my own heart. I love its noisiness, its freedom, its perfect mayhem that dominates everything. And of course, Tel Aviv was one of the places I took my sister to.

It was pretty darn hot, so we started with the Dizengoff center, where we wandered and looked and talked and laughed. And then, Dizengoff street, where we drank fresh fruit juice, to build our strenght, and the Dizengoff square, with its famous artesian well of water and fire. And because we were hot and tired, afterwards we went to McDonalds to eat - for my nephew's sake , we don't usually do McDonalds, and then, happy and full, we returned to Ashdod.

In the afternoon, the seaside again, my nephew, Serban, just cannot have enough of it. In the evening Maya was so tired my husband took her to bed, in his sexy pink nightgown, a present from me...

The perfect day! (it is a pity it has to be spoiled by news of hate and intolerance, you all know what happened in Tel Aviv Saturday night).

And I'll finish my post with a poem about Tel Aviv I wrote some years ago, poem that is dedicated to my friend, Hevel Cohen.

tel and aviv

you've clung close to my soul
tel aviv
cosmopolitan city,
babel tower

days and days
i wandered through your streets
the artists's square
the bells hanging on market stalls
the fish with their magical blue eyes
a mannequin with a painted face
the gardens with glass flowers
the rice grain with your name scribbled on it

i am sniffing the rich aroma of the cofee served
on the street, between huge potted plants.
i asked for an espresso aroch*
and the waiter is winking :"taieret**"?

tahana mercazit***
o huge bazaar where i waste my time
staring at bracelets and beads -
they are like the whispers of my love
at night, when the mediteraneean nestles itself
on the bed sheets

beit hatefutsot****
where i learned your history
ben gurion's house
where i learned what means to fight
the army's museum
where i learned to cry near the uniform
of a fallen soldier
jabotinsky institute and my guide
a nice old man that explained the history to me
looking straight into my eyes

the great synagogue
the young boys with earings
the girl with tatoos near their belly button
the music
the silence in my inner ear
reversed towards you

tel aviv

(aroch - long
taieret - tourist
beit hatsutsot - the Diaspora Museum)

I have to go to bed. It was a long day and Maya puked in the evening. I think she was too tired...I hope tomorow she'll fell better...
Night -night, whoever you are...

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Unknown said...

Such a beautiful beautiful poem! It captures TA perfectly!
Thank you!