Friday, August 14, 2009

Splish, Splash

I remember when we were kids, during the summer our mother used to put outside, in the sun, a big basin filled with water and we amused ourselves for hours, playing and splashing. At our aunt's in was even better, because she had a huge wooden cask filled with water, and that was pure bliss, almost like being at the swimming pool.

We didn't need sofisticated toys back then, well, we didn't need/have toys and when we wanted something adventurous in the summer, we went to the nearby river bank, for a picnic, sunbathing and swimming in the warm, lazy, river water.

With Darie, my oldest, in post-communist Romania, immediately after Ceausescu's fall, things weren't that different. The same river, the same basin filled with water in the backyard and, as Darie grew older, cheap school camps, swimming pools and one-month holiday in the mountains for both of us, as a special treat. We, as kids, and then our kids, didn't need much to be happy.
Nowadays, well, after 20 years like in Dumas's novels, things are totally different. If you want your kids to have fun, you take them to a "water park", where the tickets will cost you an arm and leg and where sophisticated mechanisms spit, throw, splash, splatter water and there are water slides and a strong smell of chlorine.

Today we took the kids to "House of My Dreams", a sort of water/ entertainment park, where we had the water themed stuff on one side and all kind of contraptions on the other side. I forgot my bathing suit at home, so my sister was responsible for the wet part of the day, and we took the kids afterwards (when they were blue lipped and cold) to the rondabout, balls that were falling on their heads, some racing cars and..finally, McDonalds...Ugh...Well, at least the kids had fun, Maya especially, as you can see from the pictures. I returned with a headacke and a huge hole in our budget (just kidding!).


Cinder Rail'lee said...

Awwww see I told you I lost a few people!

Glad you stopped in to let me know!


Unknown said...

Hm, waterparks. Super battery operated toys. Baby Einstein. Interactive educational DVDs.

My kids are deprived. They get none of those. In my house, if it has batteries, it better be a hearing aid, a camera, or a flashlight. Maybe an MP3 player. Wooden blocks, clay, matchboxes are toys good enough.

Water parks are... oy. My kids' favorite water play is the kiddie pool and the sprinkler. We also go to the pool and to the sea, but I flat out refuse to pay for most state-of-the-art water parks. I'd rather put that money towards our Eilat mini vacations.

I think today's kids are overstimulated and over indulged. I try to limit that for my kids. I know there is quite a bit of peer pressure, but so far so good. It'll be harder as they get older, I'm sure and I already laxed my rules as kids do watch TV and DVDs, but I'm trying to keep it... economical, enjoyable and ecological for them.

I'm glad the kids had a good time!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Kids don't need sophisticated toys. They just need the kinds of fun you are giving them. Look at the smiles in your pictures!