Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger's Block

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For some days now I've been experiencing a sort of blogger's block combined with a reader 's block...I cannot write but I am not able to read either... I have literally thousands of books waiting to be read, dead tree ones as well as e-books and I just look at them, unable to touch one, open it and start...It happens to me sometimes, after I read a book that really speaks to me I have to wait for a while to be able to connect with another book, another writing style, another universe. I loved so much the reality created by Lukyanenko in his Night Watch tetralogy that I am not able to leave it. So I don't think I have a chance, but to re-read it right away. And maybe this will cure my other block, as well. For me, reading and writing go together, I have no idea why.

Oh, and we're now anxiously waiting for the 1st of September, when Maya starts kindergarten. I am so nervous, I've got a stomach ache just thinking about it...

And my sister leaves in two days. It was nice to have them here, but it was also incredibly tiresome. I had to look after them, to cook, to clean and also to play the referee between Maya and his cousin, as he found her overwhelming and didn't want to play with her. Of course, Maya is the friendly type, so she suffered a lot and I tried to entertain her, making her forget her frustration. So, I played a lot lately...Again...

I think I am just waiting now for my life to enter some sort of track after Maya, hopefully, will get settled into her new life outside our home, and I also want to start a few "daring" projects - I am going to tell you about them some other time.
Now I'll just finish this post - started it a few hours ago and got sidetracked by Maya - and go find something useful to do. Like sleeping, for example...
Night - night whoever you are.

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