Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ain't I Lucky?

It's Wise to Immunize for InfluenzaImage by MilitaryHealth via Flickr

I don't win the lottery, I don't inherit large amounts money from overseas aunts and uncles but, boy, when it comes to bad luck, I'm the winner!
Yesterday I went to have Maya innoculated against the flu (the "regular one, not the swine flu) and I said to myself, why not, so I asked for a vaccine as well. I am not a big fan of immunizations, but with all the hysteria around viruses and Maya being sick almost all the time...
Everything went fine until this morning, when I wake up with a throbbing arm and a big round sweeling where they gave me the shot. Of course I went to the nurses' room at the medical center and they told me, smiling over my head as you do with idiotic kids:"This is a known reaction to the vaccine. Put a cold compress and you'll be fine". Fine, my stars...I saw this with Maya, one year ago, when she had a very painful swelling from a vaccine and in the end the doctor gave her antibiotics to prevent an infection.
So I'm at home now, with a cold compress (not) - how am I suppose to clean and cook and so on? - and I'm thinking to myself, ain't I the lucky gal? And who knows, with my luck, I might as well get sick, vaccine or not. That what happened to some friends of ours, they got sick three weeks after they had their immunizations.Hello, Murphy!
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