Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doing Nothing

idle.nessImage by Brainsugar via Flickr

Everybody writes these days...I have a "few" blogs that I'm following and I simply cannot read fast enough as the folks keep posting and posting. Oh my, and I just sit and do nothing...well, almost nothing, as Maya is still sick and I am not feeling better myself. My mind is blank, no interesting ideas, no witty words. People are blogging, writing novels, reading towers of books, doing the NaNoWroMo (National Writing Month), writing book reviews...and I just sit here, hoping that Maya will fell better, so I'll be able to pick up my life where I left it and...
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Mesina said...

Oh I hear you! I have a few blogs that I follow and I do my best to follow my followers blogs, but it all gets too much and I wind up here at the computer far longer than I should be! Hence I tend to rotate a few blogs and visit everyone as and when I can.

However on my blog today is an award waiting for you! I have been reading your posts, just don't always get to comment these days! Acck, hectic life!

Alone in Holy Land said...

Thank you Mesina from the bottom of my heart!