Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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I don't know what's with me, but I'm all teary this days. Maybe it is some hormones playing havoc in my body, maybe I'm pre-menopausal or something, the fact is I cry all the time. And the tears are triggered by, well, almost everything.
For example, at the gym, when on the treadmill, I watch TV. They have this cool TV screens attached to the machine and I usually watch Matha Stewart or Dr. Phil's shows. Well, yesterday I was watching Dr. Phil and walking with tears in my eyes. How pathetic is that? No matter what book I read, I cry. I read Jim Butcher, I cry. I started reading in paralel Maria Acosta's "Happy Hour at Casa Dracula" and I cried - and the book is a funny one, for crying out loud!
I take my B- complex and my Omega-3, and I try to be positive and Zen about life, even when it bothers me, so what's with all this crying?
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