Thursday, November 12, 2009

It Could Be Worse...Bumps and Thali

Vegi Thali at TulsiImage by Kaustav Bhattacharya via Flickr

You know one optimistic bone in my after my yesterday's post about Maya's sand filled shoes, today, surprise! She comes home from the kindergarten with a HUGE bump on her forehead. I thought I'll faint! She told me the same story the teacher's helper said, that she and another boy just run into each other and "kaboom", they slammed their foreheads like two rams...
Of course I broke in a sweat over the story but my baby, all israeliness from her beautiful blond curles to her toes kept telling me "Lo nora, Ima", that roughly translates "Don't worry, mommy"/"No harm done", it is an Israeli expression really. Just in case, I kept an eye on her all afternoon, but apart from running around like she always does...fingers crossed she's be fine.
And myself? Well, I tried to be a good girl and I have gone to the gym a couple of times this week. Tomorow I have the meeting with my dietitician (they tricked me into this one) and I haven't lost a gram the last two weeks. Who had time for diets when Maya was so sick? And this evening, my husband in an attempt to make me feel better bought me a huge thali -a vegetarian indian meal, absolutely delicious and worth about one million calories. So I just hope not to discover tomorow that I actually put on weight! Who cares...the food was good and Maya is asleep in her bed and tomorow I'll worry about such petty things as losing weight...
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