Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Morning Rush

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I am a staying at home mother, for God's sake! And I have only one small kid! Still, mornings are crazy here. Keep in mind that I lay out Maya's clothes for the kindergarten in the evening, as well as mine, if I go to the gym. Otherwise, I just throw something on before I leave the house. I wake up at 7 o'clock to prepare Maya's breakfast and my coffee, I know, I am lazy, and Maya usually wakes up at 7.30. Today I had to literally drag her from the PC, as she wanted to play. Then , everything is a blurr, as I have to convince her to eat, dress her, comb her hair, help her brush her teeth, convince her not to go out with the bicycle, give her vitamins, "argue" with her over the trainers she wants to wear and so on. I tend do forget things, like Maya's kindergarten bag, for example, so I have to exit and enter the apartment a number of times before we really - really are on our way out.
But thank God everything changes after we leave the house, as we have to walk through a park in order to arrive at the kindergarten. And we always take our time...we look for leaves and listen to birds chirruping and Maya chases crows. It is amazing what a bit of nature can do to the human soul. I am always different before and after the park. I even hum a song on my way to the place of torture - the gym...
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Unknown said...

sounds like a wonderful life... keep going!