Thursday, June 25, 2009

Caution, cleaning in progress

Khamsin in Egypt during the year of 2007Image via Wikipedia

I need a break! This house is full of dust! And I clean it twice a week. This is mainly because if on one side a have the beautiful view of the mediteraneean Sea, on the other side I have the noisy, dusty and polluted road. And there is also a building site near us, they are building a huge monster of a block of flats.

And this is nothing compared to the dust that settles everywhere during a khamsin (or sharav, when you have a sand storm coming together with extreme heat). If you were unfortunate enough to leave your windows open before going to work, for example, you'll return home to a house covered in a fine layer of reddish- orange, fine sand (The orangey picture shows you the khamsin in Egypt).
Well, back home in Romania I had a cleaning lady that came twice a week and cleaned and cooked and waited for me with a smile and a cup of cofee when I came home from work. What days! I was a journalist back then, worked hard, made good money and enjoyed immensely my job! OK, no point to brood now! I have to go to finish cleaning.
See you later...

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