Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little bit of "Ohm"

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It is difficult to keep up with all the stuff that is going on in my life right know. Strangely enough, because I am a SAHM, so I ought to have more free time than I have now. But, staying at home I fell obliged to clean the house every day, to iron more that I had before, to cook and to do all sorts of things that I didn't do before because I didn't have time (or the excuses for it, like working). Also everybody is asking me to do them small favours (or just to bring them things) and because of that, I remain with no time for myself at all. In a sense, I feel guilty because I stay at home at the boys go to work, but, gosh, do they make me pay for that or what? I have to wash and iron their work clothes, to prepare them dinner, to clean after them, to wash the dishes...oh, and I have my Maya to mind, right? Sooo, I had grand plans to learn Portuegese, so do yoga, to read millions of books etc etc. And look at me now! I don't even have time to color my hair, the roots are showing and I look horrible. Oh, and I so need a little bit of "ohm" in my life right now!
Actually, what triggered this rant is the fact that I had a little time for myself today, and it felt soooo great! I had my monthly acupuncture treatment, and for 40 blissfull minutes, with needles sticking out from my body in strange angles, I listened to "Twilight" (audio book) and relaxed.
I actually started to make poems out of my shopping and to do lists, I seem to write the damn things all the time, otherwise I forget to buy or to do stuff. And I figured out they can have a useful outcome after all. I'll post some when I'll find them. Believe it or not, I put them lists somewhere for safekeeping and I have no idea where!!!!
I think that is it for now...I cannot wait for the new Harry Potter movie! Did you see the trailer? Awesome!
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