Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maya Says

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Like all three years old toddlers, Maya has sometimes the wisdom of Yoda. I know that every kid has his/her share of funny sayings, so I thought about writing down my baby's ones.

I remember once, while we we watching some nice photos (nature and animals) that someone has sent me through e-mail, she saw the picture of two Panda bears (mother and baby, I pressume) and she asked me, pointing to the baby Panda:"Where is her Tibi?" Maya calls her father by his name - Tibi.
She has an acute sense of family, this wee one. For her, there has to be always a mom, a dad and the baby (I don't know where she places her older brother in this hierarchy), even with her plastic elephant
shapes for the beach (the pink is the mother, the green in the father and the yellow one is the baby...)

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