Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me and the World Wide Web

Of course I am addicted to the Internet. The first thing I do most mornings is to check my e-mail while I drink my coffee (and Maya watches "Dora the Explorer" or "Go, Diego, Go!"). I am simply astounded by the stuff one can get from the net, all kind of information, anything. I used (before Maya) to spend hours and hours reading articles, jumping from site to site, never having enough of it. And now, this networking thing. As the name of my blog states it, I am pretty much alone here so the idea of blogging and all that was very appealing from the moment I read about it. The problem is, I am a shy person. In reality and virtually also, I think. I read people's blogs and I don't write comments, not because I don't have anything at all to say, but because I don't comment. I listen, or read, or watch, or wathever. I think that this is part of my upbringing. I was raised up in a communist state where people weren't allowed to be assertive or outspoken. We were raised to be quiet, polite and to mind our own bussiness, to be afraid of the Party and the Militzia (the Romanian Communist Police), and by God, it worked! I remember the only subversive thing that we did was to listen to "Free Europe Radio" an illegal radio station that transmitted from Germany, I think.
Anyway, I am pleased that I have the Internet. I helps me forget about my loneliness, it helps me in many ways (I am a very curious person type, a kind of want-to-know-it-all and the net just satisfies this curiosity of mine); it is like a really huge library where you can browse for hours and nodoby will tell you is closing time.
I think I'll go now and read for a while, I'm getting to philosophical here.
Night night wherever you are...

One more thing: my husband got offended that I posted the photos where he is in his underwear (only). Sorry darling, I'll remove the near future...

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